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What we do

At Trust Waikato our vision is for resilient and vibrant Waikato communities.

Our mission is to invest wisely, grant effectively and to be operationally agile. 

The Trust Waikato Strategic Plan sets five and ten-year goals towards achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest.

The goal is to achieve impact and influence at a regional level through effective philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. 

Strategic priorities for impact

Trust Waikato's strategic priorities for impact  include facilitating improved outcomes for the highest need communities in our region and strengthening the community sector.

To find out more, read our news stories, or check out what we fund and past grant recipients.

Our region

For us, it’s all about the Waikato. That’s where we’re based, where we come from, and where we focus our support.

Our funding area incorporates Thames–Coromandel, Hauraki, Matamata–Piako, Waipa, Waikato, South Waikato, Waitomo, Otorohanga and Ruapehu districts, as well as Hamilton city. It includes much of the lands of the Tainui waka, and the people of Waikato, Raukawa, Hauraki and Maniapoto iwi.

Where We Came From

The Government established Trust Waikato by statute in 1988, to hold and manage the shares of Trust Bank Waikato. In 1996, we left banking and the shares were sold, with the proceeds of the sale invested.

Since then, we have managed those investments, using a portion of the profits each year to support community groups and projects throughout the Waikato region.

You can find out more about our activities and investments in our key documents.

Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection 

The Trust began collecting art and taonga of significance to the Waikato region in 1999. In October 2015, the collection - now comprising over 260 pieces, was gifted to Hamilton City Council for the Waikato Museum. 

Here is a short video clip taken at the gifting ceremony at Waikato Museum on 5 October 2015. (Credit: Rebekah Parsons-King / Stuff.co.nz) 

You can also view the book Treasures of the Waikato, which includes all the art and taonga in the Trust Waikato collection.

The collection can be viewed online here

Treasures of the Waikato

This book outlines and contains all the art in the Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection, which is now housed and cared for by Waikato Museum.

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